Professional and friendly service at your home or office.

Avinthi Consulting & Technology, commenced business with IT Services and since inception, it has been growing in customer strength. Founded and managing by Sheik Meeran with a team of technical experts with global certifications. Our engineers have undergone in-depth training in their work sphere with emphasis on customer service. Our watchword total quality service is deeply embedded into each and every employee of our organization.

At Avinthi, we understand that supporting different businesses require experience with a broad range of tools and technologies.

About Us

Avinthi Consulting & Technology, a reputed technical solutions company to provide door to door service at an affordable price at customer’s convenient time. Our engineers are having corporate level experience in troubleshooting various issues arising from software such as operating systems, applications and hardware such as Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Networking devices. We are also servicing Data Backup and Data Recovery.

Avinthi Consulting & Technology has already made a niche in Computer servicing and Networking operations in Bangalore, India, with a list of valued small companies and individual customers. It has been our endeavour to provide the client with good service at effective and affordable price. We believe in adapting to your needs, be it external or internal. As an extension to our regular computer service, we bring you the convenience of outsourcing.

Our Mission: To become a credible producer of world-class Service with high standards of performance.

Our Vision: To provide an infrastructure for error-free business service to all clients in our core business domain.